Web application penetration testing reveals application-specific vulnerabilities that traditional penetration tests often miss. Our goal is to ensure the preservation of your web app’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Ninety-two percent of external web applications contain vulnerabilities, so it’s imperative you protect yourself today.


We crawl and fingerprint your app’s API using both manual and automated means, identifying entry points, user roles, web services, and other critical information.


We perform in-depth traffic manipulation and analysis to elicit a wide variety of unexpected behavior from the application and its endpoints.


We record each step of the process, providing you with screenshots, explanations, and remediation steps, among several other pieces of key information.

“LedgerOps has been providing us with a full suite of solutions across ours and our clients’ technology. They are able to identify deep vulnerabilities before they become a full-blown crisis. It’s great to know they are on top of things and always have ours and our clients’ best interests in mind.”

Bryan Feinberg | Etherlabs CEO

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