Security compliance standards can be difficult to navigate, and assembling the required documentation is no easy task. We have deep expertise in performing compliance assessments against a wide variety of industry standards.

We work with your organization through the entire compliance assessment process to identify your gaps and meet standard requirements.


We hold a kickoff meeting in which we work with you to identify and address the expectations and scope of work regarding the compliance assessment.


We conduct a formal Security Control Assessment (SCA) regarding your compliance requirements against the set of controls we outlined during our kickoff meeting.


We prepare a final Security Assessment Report (SAR) which documents all vulnerabilities identified in each task as well as their risk ratings.

“LedgerOps has been providing us with a full suite of solutions across ours and our clients’ technology. They are able to identify deep vulnerabilities before they become a full-blown crisis. It’s great to know they are on top of things and always have ours and our clients’ best interests in mind.”

Bryan Feinberg | Etherlabs CEO

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