Our blockchain penetration testing combines the tried-and-true methods of traditional penetration testing with blockchain-specific analysis to expose vulnerabilities that are unique to blockchain technology.

Hackers stole over $1 billion of cryptocurrency in 2018, so it’s imperative you protect yourself today.


We use a suite of tools to discover potential vulnerabilities in your blockchain and/or associated connections as a wallet/exchange/etc.


We verify the vulnerabilities we’ve discovered and assess the scope of damage they could have on your blockchain (or related software) through a simulated attack.


We record each step of the process, providing you with screenshots, explanations, and remediation steps, among several other pieces of key information. We make complex issues simpler to understand.

“LedgerOps has been providing us with a full suite of solutions across ours and our clients’ technology. They are able to identify deep vulnerabilities before they become a full-blown crisis. It’s great to know they are on top of things and always have ours and our clients’ best interests in mind.”

Bryan Feinberg | Etherlabs CEO

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